League Two Music – #3 – Bradford City

Poison Street – New Model Army (1986, EMI Records, Taken from ‘The Ghost of Cain’)

In recent years there has been a massive surge in sales of Bradford City scarves.  The reason for is it not because of the clubs unexpected and brilliant run to the League Cup Final in 2013 – where, as a league two side they defeated Wigan, Arsenal and Aston Villa (all three premier league sides at the time) before narrowly losing five nil to Brendon Rogers’ Swansea City in the final.  Nor was it as a result of their plucky run to the FA Cup Quarter Finals in 2015, where they beat Chelsea (at Stamford Bridge) and Sunderland before losing to Reading.  Nor it is because in 2022, they enamoured themselves to fans of Manchester United, Barcelona and the entire country of Wales by somehow persuading Mark ‘Sparky’ Hughes (niche football fact, Mark Hughes’ real name is Leslie) to take over the reins of the club as manager.

Nope, the reason is that the colours that Bradford City play in (claret and amber) exactly match the colours of Griffyndor, Harry Potter’s chosen house at Hogwarts.  That is genuinely true, and it saddens me greatly.

Bradford City are one of those clubs whose fortunes appear to go up and down.  For instance in 1998, they were managed by Chris Kamara, surely a low point for any team.  Kammy actually took the team in the Championship before he was sacked for saying “Unbelievable, Jeff” too much and thinking he was funny..

In 1999 Bradford were playing in England’s top division.  In 2000 they reached the semi finals of the vastly important Intertoto Cup, where they lost to Zenith St Petersburg, victory would have put them in the first round of the old UEFA Cup.  A last day victory against Liverpool kept them in the Premier League for a second unexpected season.  But by 2007 Bradford were back in football basement division, where baring the odd unsuccessful venture into League One, is where they have largely stayed ever since.  They are perhaps your classic example of a football team with ideas of grandeur.

Musically, one of the biggest bands to have come out of Bradford are New Model Army.  They are rather like the football club in some respects in that they flirted with big time, albeit in the mid to late eighties, and then fell from grace and now appear to ply their trade in rocks lower echelons.

They are best known perhaps for this jaunty agit pop anthem, which rallies against the government whilst sitting back in a comfy sofa sponsored by EMI.

51st State – New Model Army (1986, EMI Records, Taken from ‘The Ghost of Cain’)

Also from Bradford is a young man called Zayn Malik, he used to be in One Direction apparently and this track is nowhere near as bad as you think it is. It is also the best selling western single in Chinese musical history.

I Don’t Wanna Live Forever – Zayn Malik (featuring Taylor Swift) (2016, Republic Records, Taken ’50 Shades Darker Soundtrack’)

Which brings us to this weeks previously unheard of band of the week, who are Red Shakes, a band who are unashamedly influenced by noughties indie.  Make of that what you will.

Borrowed Time – Red Shakes (2022, Self Released Single)

Next Week Leyton Orient


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  1. JC says:

    Any club which has that numpty Stuart McCall as a legend deserves all that comes to it………

    We will just need to disagree on the Zayn Malik thing.


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