The Sunday Shuffle – #13

Break My Body – Pixies (1987, 4AD Records, Taken from ‘Surfer Rosa’)

Last Sunday I went for my weekly run.   Every week at the end of the run, my watch downloads a load of stats and stuff into an app that I use to monitor performance, times, distance, and all that.  It also tells me that I should change my running shoes every 400 miles.  Last Sunday’s run clocked up the 395th mile completed in my current trainers.

So for this weeks randomly shuffled song I decide to post the song that was playing on my iPod Nano at the very moment that my watch tells me that I had reached 400 miles in these trainers.  

My main running route can best be described as undulating, I live in Devon and its hilly but over time I have crafted a circular 10km course from my doorstep and on this day I decide to do that run.  The five mile point is roughly the point where I run past my daughters school in the middle of the village that I live in. 

And….it would appear that my iPod has developed a sense of humour, because at the precise point when the trainers had run 400 miles , ‘Break My Body’ by Pixies was playing and at that point I would have looked a lot like a beetroot that had grown legs and run 5 bloody miles.

I plod on regardless, determined to make it to 401 miles in these shoes, sadly it’s uphill most of the way back from middle of the village but slowly I make it, two songs help me on my way the first is almost in complete contrast to ‘Break My Body’ because its by Four Tet and the calm brilliance of Four Tet gives me the energy to trot up the final hill.

128 Harps – Four Tet (2012, Domino Records)

Four Tet are replaced about 500 metres from home by

October Swimmer – JJ72 (2000, Columbia Records, Taken from ‘JJ72’)

The Never Ending Playlist – Week #5

23. Caribou – Pixies (1987, 4AD Records, Taken from ‘Come on Pilgrim’)

Has anyone heard the rumour about how Black Francis recruited a bass player for his band Pixies?  No – well pull up a chair.  The rumour goes that Black Francis had dropped out of college and was determined to make a living in music.  He stuck a rather niche advert up in a guitar shop that stated

Female bass player wanted.  Must love Husker Du and Peter Paul and Mary”.

The only person who answered that advert was Kim Deal, and back then, she couldn’t even play the bass guitar, the rest as they say is history.

A few months later, that band with Kim recruited walked into a studio and recorded eighteen songs another rumour claims that during that recording phase the beer spent more on beer than they did on things like studios, printing costs and producers.   Those eighteen songs got them signed to 4AD in the UK.

The bands first release for the label was an 8 song, 20 minute album called ‘Come On Pilgrim’.  It featured largely re-recorded versions of songs that had emerged on that original session.  The opening track on that album is ‘Caribou’.

‘Caribou’ is excellent and despite sounding a little aged now (but that might just be my recording  of it) it remains one of the classic Pixies songs, a wonderful bled of bizarre lyrics, vocals which almost scream as they reach the chorus and guitars that thrash away like they are being attacked by a shark.

Here are a couple more tracks from ‘Come on Pilgrim’ which are again excellent – the first one ‘Levitate Me’ is a sort of tribute to the Christian rock singer Larry Norman (whose the album is named after) – the second one ‘Ed is Dead’ is about a brain damaged girl that Black Francis knew that cycled around his town with a transistor radio strapped to her bike so that she could listen to music. 

Levitate Me – Pixies (1987, 4AD Records)

Ed is Dead – Pixies (1987, 4AD Records)