….ing bands #10 – The Rolling Stones

Stray Cat Blues – The Rolling Stones (1968, Decca Records, Taken from ‘Beggars Banquet’)

My daughter is mad about animals, always has been. At first it was owls.  When she was aged four I took her to a falconry centre attached to a garden centre and she screamed in delight when their resident owl, Ollie, swooped down and took some meat from the hand of its owner about five foot away.  She came away clutching a cuddly owl to add her growing collection of owls and for days she would pretend that her cuddly owl was Ollie.  When I went to New Orleans a few months later I bought her a small wooden owl that the market stall owner insisted had been made from wood reclaimed after Hurricane Katrina.  I gladly paid him $15 for it and realised when I got outside that the owl almost certainly hadn’t been made with wood reclaimed after Hurricane Katrina.

Then it was wolves (after we found a book in a charity shop all about them), followed by squirrels, which would need to be fed in the park on a regular basis.  She went off them briefly when one threw a hazelnut shell at us when we walked under a tree in a park.  After squirrels it was cats and horses.  She remains mad on cats and horses.

In lockdown we adopted a cat, it was old, overweight, had three legs, and half a tail.  It was one of grumpiest cats I have ever known, but my daughter adored him.  He was never, sadly going to be a long term pet.  We were very much a retirement home for him and his illnesses.  My daughter would sit for hours trying to coax him on to her lap or sneaking him treats.  About ten months ago, the cat developed a serious problem and never recovered from it.  My daughter before she went to bed, went and sat by the back door and waited patiently for him to come home.  The tears came soon after when she realised, he wasn’t going to.  The cats old basket now sits at the foot of her bed with his favourite toy in it.

About a year ago my daughter took up horse riding.  She follows in the footsteps of both her mother and her grandmother, both of whom rode and competed to a fairly high standard.  For the last six months or so, we have borrowed a small pony and every couple of days she plods around the tracks and fields of the village happy as can be.  She has thrown herself into all aspects of keeping a pony.  She will happily stand in the stable and pick up its poo, she will groom it, wipe its nose and sneak extra food into the pony’s feed bucket.

A few weeks ago, whilst up in the stable getting ready for the third ride of the week, my daughter found a cat.  One that she assumed was a stray.  It is a ginger tom, but it looks like it has been through a bad time, he had a bad coat, which was all matted and dirty, a large scratch under one of its eyes, it was also as thin as a rake.  It devoured the small sachet of food we’d found in a matter of seconds and sat there licking its lips expecting more, he then dived in a bundle of hay and came out with a mouse dangling out of its mouth and proceeded to eat it, not one scrap of it was left behind.  The mouse to be fair, wouldn’t have felt a thing.

Then the cat curled up on the muck heap and fell asleep.  My daughter is already besotted with him. 

Sympathy for the Devil – The Rolling Stones (1968, Decca Records, Taken from ‘Beggars Banquet’)

Street Fighting Man – The Rolling Stones (1968, Decca Records, Taken from ‘Beggars Banquet’)

Introducing……The Great One Word Title Countdown #1

I said right back at the start that I wasn’t going to do a countdowns on this blog and I really wasn’t going to.  However, one Sunday whilst idly wandering around the lanes of a small suburb of Torquay, three songs came on in a row.  All those songs had one word titles and, and as I stood and watched a seagull devour a bag of chips that some fool had dropped, an idea slowly crept into place.  An idea that I was going to need some help with.

These were the three songs that came on.  So, as usual we can blame mid nineties indie pop for all my stupid ideas.

Cubik – 808 State (1990, ZTT Records)

Yes – McAlmont & Butler (1996, Hut Records)

Far – Longpigs (1995, London Records)

Later that night I created a playlist.  There was one simple rule – only one song per band was allowed and that song had to have a one word title, no brackets or hyphen or anything else was allowed.  So, this would have been allowed

Magic – Cud (1990, Imaginary Records)

But this wouldn’t have been

(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction – The Rolling Stones (1965, RCA Records) – besides, songs with brackets is clearly the next subject for the musical jury to their teeth into.

Remixes of one word titles have also been included, for instance

Buzzin’ (Dylan Rhymes Mix) – Asian Dub Foundation (1997, FFRR Records)

A few days later I formed (with the help of JC) a musical jury, which was, like all good juries, populated by quite a few angry men (I must try and be more inclusive for the next one) and sent them their orders.   By angry, most of them were angry because of what I’d left off the longlist, rather than them being generally angry people.  Saying that I’ve only met two of the jury, the others could have been psychopaths for all I knew.

There were sent a list of 129 songs, all of which have one word titles and they were asked to rank them in from 1 to 30.   I then awarded points for their choices, 30 points for the number one ranked song, 29 for 2nd place and so on and waited for the results to come in.

It’s Monday, Let’s Swear – #17

The Man Don’t Give a Fuck – Super Furry Animals (1996, Creation Records)

As per yesterday, this is going to be the last sweary Monday track for a little while.  It has been a series which at times has been puerile (The Teenagers), downright disgusting (Azaliea Banks), thought provoking (Eels) and disturbing (Primal Scream) but has always started the week off with some decent swearing.

There is a reason for putting this series on hold.  All will be explained from next Monday, which if my maths is correct will be June 27th.  Anyway before that let’s have one final good old swear.  ‘The Man Don’t Give A Fuck’ was the inspiration to this series – well that and the entire back catalogue of Anal C____.  It is probably the finest sweary song in existence.

Around ten years ago, possibly longer, I was waiting for a bus in Exeter City Centre.  Across the road from the bus stop was a pedestrian area where a guy with a guitar, a small amp and a mike had been playing a few songs.  He wasn’t bad but he also wasn’t very good.  My bus appeared to be no in rush so I sat and watched the chap, about two minutes later a couple of security guards start talking to him, they are the security guards from the nearby posh jewellery shop and they seem to have taken offence at chappie’s second rate Beatles covers.  There is some finger pointing and chappie then just shrugs his shoulders and launches into ‘Jumpin’ Jack Flash.  The guards walk off.  As soon as they have gone, chappie segues, not quite seamlessly into a verse of ‘The Man Don’t Give a Fuck’.  It is subvertly brilliant in a not very brilliant sort of way, and as my bus rolls in, almost perfectly timed, I nip over and shove a couple of quid in his hat. 

The Man Don’t Give A Fuck (Live) – Super Furry Animals (1996, Creation Records)

Jumpin’ Jack Flash –  The Rolling Stones (1968, Decca Records)