Counting Up from Two – #1

Two Weeks – FKA Twigs (2014, Young Turks, Taken from ‘LP1’)

I’m sort of catching up with all the songs that I had listed to write about before I decided to write about songs with one word titles (well its been 72 hours) for three months.  ‘Two Weeks’ by FKA Twigs was going to be the next posting in the ‘Its’ Monday Let’s Swear’ Series.  The reason for that is that ‘Two Weeks’ is utter filth. 

It is a song that is all about sex, lust a bit more sex and then doing the sex whilst dropping some ecstasy and talking about sex at the same time.  It is the sort of song that if it were a movie you would have to pay to watch it if you were staying at a Travelodge.  Ultimately it is about wooing a man away from his sexless relationship but its uncompromising, very explicit and most importantly, brilliant

It contains lines such as

My thighs are apart for you when you’re ready to breathe in

and in case that wasn’t subtle enough this one

I can fuck you better than her” (which given the chap is in a sexless relationship isn’t exactly erm, hard)

In the video, just after that line is delivered, milk, gushes from the fingers of FKA Twigs, which is either extremely clumsy and wasteful of her given the price of milk these days or a metaphor for something which I don’t understand.

But as we all know, the It’s Monday, Let’s Swear Series ended about twelve weeks ago with Bobby Gillespie going mad in front of his bathroom mirror and besides today is Thursday.

So, ‘Two Weeks’ can instead usher in another new series.  A series that will count upwards from two, (I know, humour me) until we reach a number where we cannot find a song with that number in the title (My guessing is 26, no one has made a song with the number 26 in the title, surely). I am pretty sure that another blogger may have already done this, so if I am copying you, sorry.

Here are some more songs that have the number two in the title

The Two of Us – Jesus and Mary Chain (2017, Artificial Plastic Records, Taken from ‘Damage and Joy’) – a song which is comes from the Jesus and Mary Chain’s seventh studio album ‘Damage and Joy’ which also happened to be their first in nineteen years.  It was kind of good as well, unlike a lot of comeback albums – yes I’m looking at you The Libertines.

Two Chords – Summer Camp (2013, Moshi Moshi Records, Taken from ‘Summer Camp’) – which starts off trying to be a break up ballad but turns into something more like a 70s soft rock epic, only good.

Two Fingers – Jake Bugg (2012, Mercury Records, Taken from ‘Jake Bugg’) – which despite being the fifth track to be released as a single from Bugg’s just about ok debut album, was proclaimed by Radio 1 DJ Zane Lowe to be ‘The Hottest Track in the World’ when it was released in September 2012.  It may have been a slow week for singles or possibly highlight that Zane Lowe is an idiot.

Next week, the number three. 


  1. Rol says:

    I’ll let you off. Besides, I counted down.


  2. Phil says:

    26 is an easy one, just look to Chic…


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