The Never Ending Playlist Week #2

9. Golden – My Morning Jacket (2003, ATO Records, Taken from ‘It Still Moves’)

In 2003, My Morning Jacket were pretty well known on the US scene alt-country/Americana scene. They had built a reputation for brilliant live songs but struggled to reproduce that on record. So they did what all good bands do, sold their souls to the man and signed to a major label and recorded an album that sounded almost as good as those live shows. That album was ‘It Still Moves’ and for many of their fans, its the bands finest album. It’s certainly the first record of the bands that I encountered and for about six months I played this record constantly. In fact, I went through a phase of naming my fantasy football team (not that I do that any more, it was an office thing) after the band that I was listening too at the time of the pick and for two seasons running my team was called My Morning Jacket. Anyway…I digress embarrassingly.

‘Golden’ was the third single off of ‘It Still Moves’ and it is a wonderfully evocative piece of Americana. It opens with a beautifully poetic line “Watchin’ a stretch of road, miles of light explodes…’ and then trots away through a haze of reverb, and country-esque guitars all of which compete with Jim James’ voice for dominance. It does kind of make you yearn for the open road a little bit .

I don’t own the single and I can’t find the tracklisting to post anything from it – but fear not, here is Mahgeetah which Rolling Stone Magazine proudly claim to be one the greatest guitar records of all time. Well duh, the clues in the title.

Mahgeetah – My Morning Jacket (2003, ATO Records, Taken from ‘It Still Moves’)

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  1. JTFL says:

    I love these tunes. Not sure why I haven’t spent more time with MMJ. Every time I hear one of their songs I love it. But I still have only one LP and have never seen them live. I am a fucker and have no excuse for this lapse in accountability.


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