Five Days of Songs Found On A USB #5

‘Dear Tommy’ by the American electronica band Chromatics has become one of the great lost albums of recent times. It should have been the bands fifth album and should have been released in 2015. You’ll note the ‘should’ in those sentences. ‘Dear Tommy’ was never released.

Three singles did see the light of day, ‘In Films’, ‘Just Like You’ and ‘I Can Never Be Myself When You Are Around’ and expectation for the record was quite high and success seemingly beckoned. However, in 2015, the bands multi instrumentalist and producer, Johnny Jewel had a near death experience whilst swimming and subsequently for some reason decided to destroy around 25,000 physical copies of the album before any of them had been released, all the tracks made available via the Internet were then also removed.

I Can Never Be Myself When You Are Around – Chromatics (2015, Italians Do It Better Records)

The band apparently re-recorded ‘Dear Tommy’ but those tracks have never been released (apart from one ‘Teacher’ in late 2020) and the album remains shrouded in mystery, gaining an almost legendary status. It is unlikely that it will ever get a physical release as Chromatics ceased to exist in 2021.

And just because I like you all – here is Chromatics rather excellent version of ‘Ceremony’


  1. JC says:

    OK….straight to the cover version. Really intrigued by the instrumental opening…..was not expecting that type of singing. Wow.

    Thank You.


    1. barrystubbs says:

      It’s great isn’t it? They also cover ‘Running Up That Hill’.


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