The Never Ending Playlist – Week #4

18. Come Saturday – The Pains of Being Pure At Heart (2008, Fortuna Pop Uk Records, Taken from ‘The Pains of Being Pure At Heart’)

The Pains of Being Pure At Heart, have one of the most frustratingly sixth form poetry names ever, but this shouldn’t put you off. They also play a form of jangly shoegaze that aims a hefty nod in the direction of acts such as My Bloody Valentine, The Pastels and The Cocteau Twins, that should definitely not put you off either.

The band largely revolves around chief songwriter, vocalist and guitarist Kip Berman. He formed a band with bassist Alex Naidus and singing keyboardist Peggy Wang (the trio bonding over a shared love of Nirvana and The Field Mice, two bands at different ends of the musical spectrum). Their first gig lasted ten minutes and contained just five songs and in the words of the bands “the song titles were longer than the songs”.

All of the bands early releases were only available on limited edition slabs of vinyl (none of which I own) and ‘Come Saturday’ was the third such release and its a bit of alright. A jangly piece of indie twee pop with a fizzing little chorus that could have just as easily have been recorded on the West coast of Scotland as New York.

This was the B Side, in case you’ve never heard it.

Side Ponytail – The Pains of Being Pure At Heart (2009, Fortuna Pop UK Records)