The Sunday Shuffle

Cuddle Fuddle – Passion Pit (2008, French Kiss Records, Taken from ‘Chunk of Change’ EP)

Todays randomly selected track comes via the shuffle button on my iPod Nano, largely because it was sitting next me to when I decided to do it.

The track it has selected is ‘Cuddle Fuddle’ by the American electropop band Passion Pit. This is a track that was written for the then girlfriend of Michael Angelakos when he was still at college. Angelakos made and self produced a collection of four tracks and then proceeded to sell them at college and as the songs became more and more popular, Angelakos recruited musicians and Passion Pit were formed.

If you’ve not heard Passion Pit before, I would say that their sound is roughly what you would get if you crossed the dancefloor geekery of Hot Chip with tweeness of Belle and Sebastian. I quite like this EP as it happens, its happy and uplifting but also at times its almost like we are listening to songs that we possibly shouldn’t be listening to, given that they were specifically for someone else.

Seeing as I’m in a good mood, here’s another one of the original tracks written for Angelakos’ girlfriend at the time.

I’ve Got Your Number – Passion Pit (2008, French Kiss Records, Taken from ‘Chunk of Change’ EP)