The Sunday Shuffle #21

Cough Cough – Everything Everything (2012, RCA Records)

This is a not so random shuffle this morning.  It’s a confession and an apology and I’m speaking only to one person.  A friend of mine.  A regular gigging buddy, a buddy who I have had countless brilliant nights out with.  Be it seeing the Klaxons in a tiny club in Plymouth or seeing Metronomy on a rainy Saturday afternoon in Totnes. 

A few weeks back he sent me a message asking if I wanted to go so and see Everything Everything up in Bristol.  I kind of did, but I’m sure he said the gig was on the next Monday and I couldn’t go because I had some stuff to sort at home.  So I sent a message back saying “Can’t do Monday, sorry”.  He messaged back saying “It’s Monday the 11th April – is that any better”.

I said I would check diaries and get back to him and then totally forgot, and as I sit here typing on Monday 4th Everything Everything came on the iPod and I suddenly remembered.  Of course, I’ve now checked the diary and I am now booked up for that day, so I can’t go but I could have done if I hadn’t been such a forgetful twat.

Sorry mate. 

I also owe him some money for some cricket tickets, and I kept saying yep I’ll do that tonight and I keep getting waylaid by doing dad things like reading adventure stories or making dinner or rescuing teddies from under the bed.  So I’ve forgotten to do that as well.  I’m sorry, I hope by the time you read this I have sorted that.  I think all I can do is dedicate two versions of the same tune to you – because I know you read on a daily basis (thank you).  I think I know which one you will prefer and I don’t think it will be the same as me.

Soul Limbo – Snuff (1996, Deceptive Records)

Soul Limbo – Booker T and the MGs (1968, Stax Records)

 I will try and be a better friend.

A Linked Series – #3

A Date with the Night – Yeah Yeah Yeahs (2003, Polydor Records)

The third instalment in this chain link fence of a series sees us move, from the grungy sawdust bar in Atlanta, where Tilly and the Wall and have just finished playing ‘Night of the Living Dead’, to a party in converted warehouse apartment in downtown New York.  Somewhere in the lounge area, the hip, trendy and semi famous are gyrating away to a splendid mixture of gonzo disco noise and post punk playfulness that is blaring out of the stereo.  This is because someone has just shoved ‘Date with the Night’ onto the stereo and, as the phrase goes, shit has going down.

In 2003, the hype that followed Karen O, Nick Zimmer and Brian Chase around was almost as infectious as their songs.  It was believable to see this band, actually being the future of rock music.  Especially when they had songs are catchy and as easy to dance to as ‘Date with the Night’ and singers as aurally impactive as Karen O.

In ‘Date with the Night’ Karen O sounds incredible, like a cross between an over excited 10 year old at a boy band gig and a wailing rock goddess who just happens to be out on the pull.  When you add her vocals to the frankly ridiculously drumming (which is sort of like a contorted 70s disco groove) and the art rock riff that underpin the song, it just makes it all better (also it contains no bass whatsoever).  It has hooks in all the wrong places, and just sort collapses at the end in a triumph sigh.  Its marvellously out of sorts but I have a feeling that its deliberate because it sounds so perfect.

So where do we go next – we can stay in New York and pick up one of the several brilliant bands that call it home.

New York City Cops – The Strokes (2001, RCA Records)

Or we could go another date (Wall are also from New York, so that would be a double link).

Last Date – Wall (2016, Wharf Cat Records)

We might of course, fancy more bands with double words in their name.  Which could lead us several ways – but this probably isn’t one of them

Cough, Cough – Everything Everything (2012, RCA Records)