Five Days of Songs Found On A USB #2

The Last Gas – Embrace (1997, Hut Records, Taken from ‘Fireworks EP’)

When they first started out back in the mid to late nineties, Embrace, were quickly compared to Oasis. I mean all the signs were there, they were from the North of England (west Yorkshire in this case), contained two brothers (Richard and Danny McNamara) one who sang (Danny) and one who played the guitar (Richard).

To be fair that was hopelessly optimistic. For a start both Gallagher brothers could sing, where as only one of the McNamara brothers could sing (although this didn’t stop Richard trying (and failing) on a regular basis).

The ‘Fireworks EP’ was the bands second release and was the first time that the band cracked the Top 40 but wouldn’t be the last, the band had incredible success for the next 10 years or so.

Here are the rest of the tracks from the EP.

Blind – Embrace (1997, Hut Records)

Now You’re Nobody – Embrace (1997, Hut Records)

Fireworks – Embrace (1997 Hut Records)