Five Days of Songs Found on A USB Stick #1

69 Police – David Holmes (2000, Go Beat Records, Taken from the Single ’69 Police’)

Its a Sunday evening when I’m typing this. I have spent the day tidying the house, cleaning the floor in the conservatory, getting Christmas decorations down from the loft and sorting out some of the baskets that sit gathering dust on the bookshelf.

Inside one of the baskets is a bag of USB sticks, all of them are freebies that I have picked up at various conferences over the past ten years or so. Most of the sticks are blank, but one of them contains a load of music. I must have it put it there, although the thought that somewhere in the midst of time, some music fan decided to load a 150 free USB sticks with about 100 pieces of music and give them to people at a conference, makes me smile. It also makes me want to do the same thing, not that you get free USB sticks at conferences anymore. Also all conferences are online these days in case someone sneezes in a packed room.

Anyway in honour of this USB, all the music posted for the next five days will be taken from it. We will start with the ’69 Police’ by the Irish composer, musician and DJ David Holmes, which most of you will recognise as being the music from the end of the film Oceans Eleven.