The Never Ending Playlist – #36

Archie, Marry Me – Alvvays (2013, Transgressive Records)

I’ve only ever seen one public proposal, and that was in a pub in Chatham on a particularly hazy Friday night, a guy who I didn’t know proposed to his love, who I also didn’t know and she said yes.  He’d handed her a watermelon Bacardi breezer and then dropped onto one knee.

It was pretty boring, there was applause and I think the barman bought some free drinks for him and his bride to be…But…. Just moments before after I twigged what was going on there was a huge part of me willing her to say no.  I was silently begging her to shake her head and even though I’d never spoken to either of these saps before in my life, I wanted her to turn around and snog the face off the man standing behind her.  She didn’t she said yes and hugged him.  I think I was 18 at the time, it was definitely before I started University.

As I and the people I was with wandered off to the club around the corner we discussed the proposal and all decided that she could do so much better.  I mean he was wearing a Pearl Jam T Shirt for a start.  Secondly, he’d proposed to her in a pub in Chatham, I mean I suppose they could have met there and it might have been an anniversary and this was the most romantic gesture known in the world, but come on, its Chatham.  She should have looked at him and said “Seriously….you couldn’t take me to Paris or at the very least to decent Indian restaurant at the other end of the High Street.  Could you have not bought me a decent drink first….Honestly”.

‘Archie, Marry Me’ was the debut single from Toronto indie poppers Alvvays way back in 2013, which seems far too long ago.  I played this to absolute death when it came out and its still a record I really enjoy.  I love the sardonic lyrics and alimonies and paying off student loans all wrapped up in a sweet chorus that chimes “Hey! Hey!” at you. 

This was the follow up single, which was nearly as good

Adult Diversion – Alvvays (2014, Transgressive Records)