The One Word Countdown – #27

Welcome to Adamski’s ‘Musical Pharmacy’…

Killer – Adamski (1990, MCA Records, Taken from ahem ‘Doctor Adamski’s Musical Pharmacy’)

Points 120

‘Killer’ is famous of course for being the breakthrough hit for not just Adamski (Adam Paul Tinley) but for the vocalist Seal (Henry Olusegan Adeola Samuel) who became famous on the back of it – in fact Adamski and Seal fell out big time over it.  Although fact fans, ‘Killer’ wasn’t the first big hit that Seal had sung on – he also provides vocals for this club classic (not the chorus bit, obviously).

Superfly Guy – S’Express (1988, Mute Records, Taken from ‘Original Soundtrack’)

I really like ‘Killer’ but I was little surprised at just how well it well it has done in the rundown -it was in the Top Ten until quite late into the vote counting as well.  One member of the Musical Jury TM even declaring that the 12” Mix was ‘One of the greatest things ever recorded’.  It’s not quite that folks, although it does give me a devilishly good idea.

The thing I like most about ‘Killer’ is Seal’s vocal.  The Seal we all know from the nineties and onwards made his name by churning out lovelorn ballads about kissing roses and generally being a bit of Romeo.  However, here on ‘Killer’ you get lyrics which smack of isolation, paranoid, and combatting racism.  Given that at the time Seal wrote it, he was living in a squat and was homeless its pretty impressive.

Saying that Adamski must take some of the credit.  His music is as a good a slice of house music as you will ever hear.  He always claimed during his beef with Seal that the music on its own would have taken the song to number one.  That is, as good as it is, very unlikely and as proof….

Adamski followed up ‘Killer’ with a track ‘The Space Jungle’ which was fundamentally a raved up version of Elvis’ ‘All Shook Up’.  It is as dreadful as it sounds.

The Space Jungle – Adamski (1990, MCA Records, ‘Taken from ‘Doctor Adamski’s Musical Pharmacy’)

No other songs by either Adamski or Seal were considered for this rundown, so here are two songs that also feature the word ‘Killer’ in the title.

Psycho Killer – Talking Heads (1977, Sire Records, Taken from ‘Talking Heads 77’)

The Real Killer – The Herbaliser (1995, Ninja Tune Records, Taken from ‘Funkjazztical Tricknology’)


  1. baggingarea says:

    This is a great record, very much one of the sounds of the summer of 1990. We drove to Spike Island with this playing on a compilation tape I made for the occasion along with 808 State, the Rolling Stones and various other very 1990 sounds.


    1. therobster71 says:

      Didn’t Seal have a hit with his own solo version of it as well?


  2. JC says:

    Word fail me at how well this has done……it’s not that I dislike it, but I wouldn’t have dreamed of including it in the Top 50 if voting had gone that far. Just never crossed my mind to consider it…….


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