The One Word Countdown – #28

Never ever burst a crisp packet….

Superstition – Stevie Wonder (1972, Tamla Motown Records, Taken from ‘Talking Book’)

Points 120 (Rounded up due to a tie)

When I was about nine, I blew up a bag of crisps after I had finished with it and smacked it as hard as I could so it burst and made a loud noise.  I’d seen my friend Christopher Harrison do it at breaktime and I thought it was stupendously cool.  We’ve all done it, I’m sure.  I did this in my nan’s house, and it brought her out of the kitchen at a rate of knots with a look of absolute horror on her face.

Apparently, this single act, meant that someone in the family would now lose their job.  I sat there terrified .  I was convinced that my dad was going to lose his job, and in the space of an hour that had progressed to being homeless and being forced to eat cold baked beans straight from the tin surrounded by tramps.

Thankfully that never happened, although I am partial to baked beans straight from the tin (I’m not really).  According to my dad, his Uncle Chester (not enough people are called Chester these days, if you are potential parents and happen to be reading this, please rectify that as soon as possible – thank you) once did the exact same thing and the next day he lost his job.  He added that Uncle Chester was also a renowned drunk and as a bus driver, it was probably more to do with that, than the crisp packet incident.

I once said the word “Blimey” in the presence of my Grandma, who with the speed of a ballerina pirouetting across the stage span round on the spot and shouted at me for the use of that word.  I think Mike Gatting had just been bowled by Shane Warne and I was exclaiming my amazement at what had just happened.  According to Grandma, someone in her family – it is unclear who – said the word “Blimey” in a church and went blind, so it is not a word our family use.  It is also not clear when the user of the word went blind, they might have been 87 at the time and suffering from some form of debilitating eye condition. 

I once had to drive a lady called Sue to Weston Super Mare a journey which should take on average about an hour.  This journey took three hours because I had to spend the first two hours finding an alternative car because the hire car company had given us a green car and Sue steadfastly refused to sit inside ‘an unlucky coloured car’.

‘Superstition’ was the lead single from Stevie Wonder’s fifteenth(!) studio album the marvellous ‘Talking Book’.  It is a track that sees Wonder at the very top of his game and the use of the Hohner clavinet on it is considered by many to be the greatest use of it in popular music.  It also contains the one of the funkiest basslines ever recorded.

Several other Stevie Wonder (oh, sorry almost forgot Stevland Hardaway Morris) were considered – here are two of them.

Visions – Stevie Wonder (1973, Tamla Motown Records, Taken from ‘Innervisions’)

Superwoman – Stevie Wonder (1972, Tamla Motown Records, Taken from ‘Music of my Mind’)


  1. Rol says:

    There are 27 one word title songs better than this?

    I remain to be convinced…


    1. therobster71 says:

      I voted it number 23 but feel it should have been higher really. Marc Riley played it the other night on his 6 Music Show. It was easily the best thing he played in the entire 2 hours.


  2. JC says:

    I had it at #23 but really thought it would have been higher as I reckoned most folk would have included it in their 30 somewhere along the line. It is such a tremendous tune.

    Thanks again for making me laugh out loud as I read today’s post.


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