The One Word Countdown – #35

The vaguest song to ever make the top 40…

Soon– My Bloody Valentine (Andrew Weatherall Mix) (1991, Creation Records, Taken from ‘A Junior Boys Own Compilation’) (Link opens a You tube Link)

Soon (Album Version) – My Bloody Valentine (1991, Creation Records, Taken from ‘Loveless’)

Points 108

In my humble opinion, ‘Loveless’, the second album by My Bloody Valentine is one of eight ‘perfect’ records.  I can’t fault any of it, not a note is out of place, not a second of the music feels wasted, not one lyric feels forced or contrived, every breath you hear is relevant.  Some of you will disagree (and it does divide opinion), which is fine, I mean you’re an idiot, but even idiots are entitled to an opinion from time to time.

‘Loveless’ is famous for being one of those albums which sounds like the band were recorded in a cupboard with the door shut, the vocals are all quiet and whispery, the music is at times echoey and distorted and on a first listen, a lot of people struggled with it. 

It’s supposed to sound like that apparently, and frankly none of us are fit to question Kevin Shields’ motives.  It’s like that until pretty much the end, when the guitars suddenly surge, seemingly out of nowhere on ‘Soon’ and rock your very existence like pretty much nothing else has ever done before (or after for that matter) and that’s why it’s a perfectly executed, eternally astonishing work of genius and one of the most important albums ever made.

Because ‘Soon’ is sensational, a hailstorm of guitars and vocals that you can barely hear let alone sing alone to.  It sounds equally at home in a club as it does in a sawdust toilet venue, its just outstanding.  

It marked, for me, at least, a new level.  Not a new level in indie pop, nor indie rock or just plain old rock, but music in general.  It sees a band taking something wonderfully vague and see how far they could take it. The answer to that was pretty far.  ‘Soon’ doesn’t sound like anything else on ‘Loveless’ because it sounds like an actual song, rather than just a blur of noise pretending to be a song.  ‘Soon’ has drum breaks, chord changes, and weirdly an actual bloody melody, and then, bringing this all back home, the guitars kick in with such a force that it almost knocks you sideways and I’ve not even mentioned the Weatherall Mix with its samples and it’s “Here We Go’s” and “ah Yeahs”. 

There are of course, other brilliant songs by My Bloody Valentine, which have one word titles.  The first one is also from ‘Loveless’.  The second one is from the ‘Tremolo EP’ which preceded ‘Loveless’ by about seven months and third one is the full length version of ‘Glider’, all ten minutes of it.

Loomer – My Bloody Valentine (1991, Creation Records, Taken from ‘Loveless’)

Swallow – My Bloody Valentine (1991, Creation Records, Taken from ‘tremolo EP’)

Glider – My Bloody Valentine (1990, Creation Records, Taken from ‘EP’ 1988- 1991’)


  1. baggingarea says:

    Nothing to add really. One of those albums/ songs that exists on its own terms. Weatherall’s remix is era defining too and out on its own.


  2. therobster71 says:

    I’m not an idiot, but I just don’t get what people see in MBV and this record makes no sense to me. One of the worst live bands I’ve ever seen too.


  3. JC says:

    Adam has got great taste in music. Robster has got great taste in music. It stands to reason, however, that one of them is wrong on this occasion………..

    …….the fact I didn’t include Soon in my submissions tells you which side of the fence I’d come down on.


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