100 Songs with One Word Titles (95 – 91)

The next five tracks in the rundown were apart from the first one, songs that I expected to do much better, two of them are stone cold indie pop classics, one is American alt rock at it finest and one is on the soundtrack to ‘The Smurfs Movie’ which of course essential viewing.  But let’s start with the one that did rather better than I expected, although it is course the best thing you will hear all day.

95. Vomit – Girls (2011, FantasyTrashcan Records, Taken from ‘Father Son Holy Ghost‘)

‘Vomit’ was the first single to be released from Girls’ second (and last?) album ‘Father Son Holy Ghost’ and is a sprawling seven minute slow building monolithic freakout of a tune.  Singer Chris Owens spends most of those seven minutes, sighing the lyrics, rather than actually singing them, as the band then all kick in with crunchy rock guitars, organ solos and twinkly percussion bits.  But when you think it can’t get any better a gospel choir jump in from left of screen and its just splendid.

94. Radio – Teenage Fanclub (1993, Creation Records, Taken from ‘Thirteen’)

Until the release of their fifth (sixth?) album Teenage Fanclub had never had a Top 30 hit (and even now they have only had one).  The closest that they had got was in June 1993, when ‘Radio’ backed unsurprisingly by a lot of radio play, rocketed to Number 31.  It’s odd because as good as ‘Radio’ is (and its very good indeed) its probably one of the bands weakest singles. Still saying that I expected it to be much higher in this list.

93. Big – New Fast Automatic Daffodils (1990, Play It Again Sam Records, Taken from ‘Pigeonhole’)

When I was 16 I had to do some coursework for my statistics GCSE.  We had to pick something on ordinary life and introduce statistics to it.  So I decided to show on a bar chart the bands that were most played by John Peel over a six week period (excluding sessions).  There in third place on that chart (behind The Fall and The Cure) were New Fast Automatic Daffodils.  My statistics teacher Mrs Bruce put a star by them and said “Did you make this name up?” 

92. 100% – Sonic Youth (1991, DGC Records, Taken from ‘Dirty’)

‘100%’ was the first Sonic Youth song that I properly loved.  It came out at a time when grunge was really popular in the UK and it was the start of a love affair that continues right up to today.  It was of course, the first single to be released from the bands seventh album ‘Dirty’ and was recorded largely as a tribute to a friend of the band who was murdered in armed robbery in 1991. Which I didn’t know until about five minutes ago.

91. Holiday – Vampire Weekend (2009, XL Records, Taken from ‘Contra’)

If you were in doubt, this is the one which features in ‘The Smurfs Movie’.  It’s the scene where the Smurfs have just arrived in New York and are travelling on top of a taxi to the house of Doogie Howser MD in order to rescue the Smurf who has fallen into a box of cosmetic paperwork.  What do you mean you’ve not seen it?  Seriously go watch it.


  1. Rol says:

    I love the Peel Bar Chart story. That is exactly the kind of thing I did at 16. Except I wasn’t cool enough to be listening to Peel at the time.


  2. baggingarea says:

    Big should clearly be much, much higher. I’m sure I put it higher than this (desperately checks folders for voting sheet…)


  3. JC says:

    Another lover of the Peel Bar Chart story……I can’t recall ever having a teacher who have us free rein to come up with stuff like that.

    100% was high up on my list….and I also thought would place higher. Big was one that I had in with an early draft but it didn’t quite make the cut. Fascinating to see how this is all going to reveal itself.


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