Nearly Perfect Albums – #31

Deep In The Iris – Braids

‘Deep In The Iris’ was for me, one of those albums.  An album that a magazine that I read, raved about, an album that I downloaded on the basis on that review, with fingers crossed that it was as good as the review made it out to be.  An album that gives you that warm  feeling of satisfaction when it is as good as the review suggests it is.

‘Deep In The Iris’ is one of those albums. 

Miniskirt – Braids (2015, Arbutus Records)

Lyrically, ‘Deep In The Iris’ is a remarkably vivid and occasionally uncomfortable album.  Like all great records it’s ultimately a break up record, but its one about sensations rather than memories.  Its an album that talks about the taste of a persons kiss, or the dent in a pillow where a head used to be.  Its also an album that has songs about missing someone despite the fact that they pushed you down the stairs. 

Musically, it is just as vivid, its full of electronic glitches, crackly old beats, classical piano sections and occasional percussion sounds that are just stuttering as the rest of the music.  All of which are off set by the tremendously half sung half narrated vocals of singer Raphaelle Standell Preston.

This is most obviously displayed in the lead single ‘Miniskirt’ (The One of the didn’t quite Make List), a song which grabs misogyny, rape culture, slut shaming by the throat and smacks it into submission.  Here the sensation is about the feeling of anger about being belittled.  Yes, its confrontational, (correctly so)  but its also a mesmerizingly immaculate pop song that demands your attention.

Elsewhere ‘Taste’ is another song that twists your emotions as it talks vividly and openly about that strange feeling about still loving someone despite having left some one and despite that person being abusive towards you.  Like I said it can be a bit uncomfortable.

Taste – Braids (2015, Arbutus Records)

At a first listen I though this was a trip hop record, but its not really that at all.  Then I thought it was trying to be a dance record, but it definitely isn’t that because you can’t dance to it at all.  It sort of sounds like the kind of record Bjork was trying to make around album four, only this is better than nearly everything Bjork has ever recorded.

The best track on the album is probably its most upbeat one.  Its called ‘Bunny Rose’ and its about getting a dog to conquer loneliness.  I would imagine though its about that sensation of having someone or something that showers you with unconditional love when you get home from work.

Bunny Rose – Braids (2015, Arbutus Records)

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