Nearly Perfect Albums – #30

Tarot Sport – Fuck Buttons

The 2012 London Olympics were full of amazing moments, Mo Farah’s eyeballs nearly popping out of his head when he somehow out sprinted two Kenyans to win his second gold medal of the Games for one.  Charlotte Dujardin somehow managing to temporarily turn the majority of the UK population into massive dressage fans for three hours on a Wednesday afternoon for another.  But for me, one moment stood loud and proud on a gold medal sized platform ahead of everything and everyone else – it was the moment my phone buzzed during the Opening Ceremony and I already knew who it was and what is was going to say: –

“Jesus Christ, they’re playing Fuck Buttons on the Olympics”

Because folks, that is exactly what the BBC was doing, and what’s more they played two bloody songs.  Although they ruined it slightly by calling them “F BUTTONS”.

Olympians – Fuck Buttons (2009, ATP Records)

Surf Solar – Fuck Buttons (2009, ATP Records)

‘Olympians’ was an inspired, if not, slightly obvious choice.  I mean it’s pretty much a ‘Chariots of Fire’ for the 21st Century after all (listen to them back to back, and then tell me I’m wrong), but ‘Surf Solar’ is a chugging and menacing piece of experimental techno that probably had those watching in the local Conservative Clubs running for the exits screaming.  Actually that would make it even more bloody amazing.

Both tracks feature on ‘Tarot Sport’ the bands second album, which saw them recruit Andy Weatherall as a producer and the results saw them hammer a massive hole in the middle of the indie/dance/experimental rock Venn Diagram that for so long had just had the words ‘Mogwai’ inside it. 

Because, folks, ‘Tarot Sport’ is an incredible record.  Crammed full of dynamic textured techno and electro breakbeats that sometimes sound like your speakers have a gerbil running round inside them and other times are vast sweeping cinematic pieces that will suddenly bounce back into life.   Take for instance, ‘The Lisbon Maru’ which sounds like something that should be sound tracking some movie that features lots of things being blown up.

The Lisbon Maru – Fuck Buttons (2009, ATP Records)

Or you can have the triumphantly magnificent album closer ‘Flight of the Feathered Serpent’ which to bring us back to the Olympics analogy I started at the top of the page, almost feels like a victory lap for the album.  A track that screams for attention, deserved attention and one that should have followed Mo Farah around that stadium, after he’d popped his eyeballs back in, on that evening in early August 2012.

Flight of the Feathered Serpent – Fuck Buttons (2009, ATP Records)


  1. baggingarea says:

    Exactly this “Jesus Christ, they’re playing Fuck Buttons on the Olympics”


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