New Band Friday – #11 Panic Shack

The Ick – Panic Shack (2022, Brace Yourself Records)

When I was 13 I entered into a brief whirlwind romance with a girl in my class. On the ninth day of this relationship I sat in a local park with my arm around her and then walked her home hand in hand.  I may have then gone home and written a soppy letter and gone to bed holding the small cuddly bear she gave me a present with a stupid grin on my face.

On the tenth day as I sat in Maths trying to work out a particularly difficult algebraic sum involving 2x and 4Y when my girlfriend sitting conveniently behind me slipped me note, which told me, quite brutally that it was over. The reason she gave was that I looked at another girl in our class “oddly” in history.  I sat just across from a girl we called Smelly Paula in history, (who by the way didn’t smell, but was so called because she rather splendidly tripped and fell face first into a fresh cow pat on a school field trip in year 7) so I imagine it was her I looked at oddly. 

On day eleven I gave the cuddly bear to the cat to play with and moved on, casually flicking the V’s at loves fickle nature, and definitely not crying. It looks like I got off very lightly.

In the rather wonderful new single from Cardiff’s DIY punks Panic Shack, their singer dumps her boyfriend because he “shushed her in the cinema”. Telling him in no uncertain that “you do not shush me in the cinema”, prior to that she tells him that she was put off by him “putting the milk in first”and that “you do not put the milk in first” as a hail of stop start guitars and clattering drums rampage marvellously around them.

Here’s a couple more tracks that have been lifted from the bands recent ‘Baby Shack’ EP – which is pretty good in a sneery, DIT punk kind of way that revels in rhyming ‘lighter’ with ‘fight ya’. 

I Don’t Really Like It – Panic Shack (2022, Brace Yourself Records)

Jiu Jits You – Panic Shack (2022, Brace Yourself Records)

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