Great Number Twos of Our Time – #3

Because Sometimes a Number Two is Better than a Number One

Can’t Stand Me Now – The Libertines (2004, Rough Trade Records)

A few weeks ago, The Libertines, co-headlined the ‘Cider and Sausage Festival’ on Plymouth Hoe.  The first festival in Britain that could have been named after a Carry On Film. It seemed to me, to be a bit of a fall from grace from a band that once played to about 40,000 screaming fans in Hyde Park.  Then again back then The Libertines were adored by the press, and Peter Doherty, despite his penchant for drugs, burglary and general hedonism was considered to be one of the finest songwriters of his generation.   The love hate relationship of Pete and Carl hooked thousands of impressionable indie kids in and for a while they were one of the biggest and best bands around.

‘Can’t Stand Me Now’ is a fine example of everything that the band went through.  A track apparently written just after or just before Pete burgled Carl’s flat.  He burgled the flat because he was angry that Carl hadn’t turned up to a guerrilla gig that Pete had planned a day or so before. – I’m aware I’ve massively simplified that whole sorry saga.  It was the second release from the bands second (and best) album.  It reached Number 2 in the charts, the highest position the band ever reached.  They were kept off the summit by garage trio 3 of a Kind and their memorable track ‘Babycakes’.  Which we all remember fondly obviously.

Never Never – The Libertines (2004, Rough Trade Records)

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  1. Rigid Digit says:

    Peak Libertines for me – although the first album is the stronger of the 2.
    2015s Anthems For Doomed Youth is not without merit, and was no dobt a cathartic, unfinished business affair, they probably should’ve left it at just the original 2 albums.


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