The Sunday Shuffle – #26

Angel – Belly (1993, 4AD Records)

So, this going to be the last Sunday Shuffle for a little while, at least until the autumn.  Don’t worry I’ve marked the page; we won’t forget where we are.  There is a reason for this, I’m moving the Major League Music series to Sundays.  There is a reason for that as well but that will be explained in all good time.  A bunch of people know why. 

Anyway, until then, let’s get on with business.  Today’s track was chosen by the reinvigorated iPod Nano as we walked back from the daily school run.  It was the track playing when I reached the end of horse poo alley.  So called because horses seem to enjoy pooing in that area.

Belly were formed in 1991 and were essentially a vehicle for ex Throwing Muse Tanya Donnelly.  In a short space of time she managed to take Belly to places that Throwing Muses never really went.  Their debut album, the excellent ‘Star’ went Top Five in the UK and the first two singles from the wonderful ‘Gepetto’ and ‘Feed the Tree’ both filled indie dancefloors for a long time afterwards.  They arrived at the time when grunge was still exploding in the UK and their blend of sugar coated indie pop resonated with fans of bands like The Lemonheads and others who purposedly sat on the lighter more pop orientated side of the grunge movement.

Gepetto – Belly (1993, 4AD Records)

Feed the Tree – Belly (1993 4AD Records)

‘Angel’ the track selected by the Nano is a bit of belter too, it has a kind of woozy psychedelia running though it alongside that familiar, almost comforting jangle that Belly did so well.

Oh and happy father’s day to you all dads out there, wherever they maybe.

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