The Sunday Shuffle #24

Baby Blue – King Krule (2013, XL Recordings)

I had to go and babysit some chickens earlier on in the week.  I say babysit, they can pretty much look after themselves, I mean I wouldn’t trust them with a box of matches but in terms of actual interaction between me and them, it’s relatively straightforward.  Chuck in some corn, pick up stray eggs and shut the door at night when they go to sleep.  I decided that todays randomly selected track will be what track is playing when the bolt on the coop door is slid across and the chickens are all safe from nasty old foxes. 

Which is rather apt because the last track turned out to be ‘Baby Blue’ by the Ron Weasley of pop Archy Marshall, also known as King Krule.  ‘Baby Blue’ is all sorts of lovely.  A gentle slightly wonky little ballad that sees Archy crooning away with that distinctive voice behind a broken sounding guitar. It’s utterly marvellous.

Archy Marshall was, by the way, 19 years of age when he wrote and recorded ‘Baby Blue’, which I find slightly staggering.  Its such a mature sounding song.  Then again you take one look at Archy with his pale face, sunken cheekbones, thin frame and you wonder how he could possess such a voice.  You expect him to squeak rather than growl out the velvety croon that he does.

‘Baby Blue’ is taken from King Krule’s debut album ‘6 Feet Beneath the Moon’ which again is highly recommended.  He followed it up with an album called ‘the Ooz’ of which this track is probably the highlight.

Dum Surfer – King Krule (2017, XL Recordings)