Music Found in Charity Shops – #7

Between the 10th and 11th – The Charlatans

Found Oxfam Exeter for £2.99

Weirdo – The Charlatans (1992, Beggars Banquet Records)

The Exeter Oxfam shop is more of a second hand book shop than a charity shop.  It has three rooms dedicated to them.  Right at the back of one of them is a small area where the music can be found, which is where I picked up this little gem.

Of course, ten years ago, the Oxfam shop in Exeter had an entire room dedicated to just music, and I would often be late for the train or meetings because I’d spent an hour in there flicking through the vinyl or the CDs.  For a long time, it was the best second hand record music shop in Devon.

Thirty years is a long time in music.  Back in 1992, The Charlatans released their second album.   When it was released it received mixed reviews from the press and for some unknown reason the band found themselves subject to something of backlash. 

But that was a long time ago, because now ‘Between the 10th and 11th’ is considered, quite rightly, as the hidden gem in the bands extensive back catalogue, a record that is, as it happens, far superior to its better known predecessor ‘Some Friendly’ and probably only bettered by ‘Tellin’ Stories’.

‘Between the 10th and 11th’ is a wonderfully eclectic record that sways between psychedelia and the more typical organ dominated sound of their first album, but its more spacious, there is more guitar for a start and Tim Burgess’s vocals sound fantastically polished across it (for which a degree of thanks should laid at the door of producer Flood I suspect).  Its’s a chock full of brilliant tracks.

‘Weirdo’ for instance, , it’s just insanely good.  That crazy horse swirly organ sound that dominates it, to Burgess’ wonderfully drawn out vocals “So much to know aboooouuut”.  Its such a tremendously unhinged blast of techno rock.

The other single from album that stands out is ‘Tremelo Song’, which remains I think as underrated as the album itself.

Tremelo Song – The Charlatans (1992, Beggars Banquet)

But of course, its not just the singles that stand out, “Can’t Even Be Bothered’ is a gorgeous song.  Easily the best thing on the album, and very close to being the bands finest moment ever.  The way it switches between sounding weary in the verses to the angry and brash in the chorus, is stunning

Can’t Even Be Bothered – The Charlatans (1992, Beggars Banquet Records)

The other track that stands out is ‘Page One’, which is one of those album tracks that leaves you scratching your head and wondering why on earth the band (or record label) didn’t release it as a single in its own right.  Marvellous.

Page One – The Charlatans (1992, Beggars Banquet)

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  1. JC says:

    I think Weirdo is their finest song. One of the best introductions of all time.


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