It’s Monday, Let’s Swear #14

Talk – Big Deal (2012, Mute Records)

Big Deal were a two piece band from California/London who around ten years ago, caused a little bit of a buzz with their brand of fuzzy acoustic indie rock.  The band were fundamentally the work of an American guy (Kacey Underwood) and a British lady (Alice Costelloe).  They met somewhere and he taught her how to play Sonic Youth songs on guitar and thus a band was born.

Musically, it is just a voice and guitar, which flits between being acoustic and gently electric, it makes the music very up close and personal.  At times they sound like The XX if they had their roots in the grunge area.  The intimacy of the band added a degree of mystery to the band.  Were they a couple? Were they just friends? Questions, like these followed the band around for a while, especially given the lyrical content of the music as well.  Of course they turned out to be a couple, the nearly always do.  But when you hear ‘Talk’ you kind of understand why people were asking those questions. 

‘Talk’ was I think the bands second single and it’s a beautifully fragile affair, a story of a broken-down relationship in which a girl desperately wants to talk to her ex (I’ll assume it’s a boy) but his very presence messes her up so much, that talking is impossible.  It’s a terrifically understated song.

Here’s a couple of tracks off the bands debut album ‘Lights Out’. 

Cool Like Kurt – Big Deal (2012, Mute Records)

Homework – Big Deal (2012, Mute Records)

The band released two more albums but split in 2016 when Alice and Kacey’s relationship deteriorated.


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  1. JC says:

    The name Alice Costelloe was familiar to me, but I couldn’t quite recall how. I cheated and looked it up. She was guest vocalist on a favourite single of mine from about ten years ago.


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