The Sunday Shuffle – #23

Masquerade – The Fall (1998, Artful Records)

Today’s randomly shuffled track comes courtesy of the old iPod Classic which kept me company on Monday morning walk through the village that I did after I had dropped my daughter at school.  About ten minutes into the walk I reached the top of a hill, I was out of breath, and cursing the my decision to wear a pair of jeans that were, probably, at least one size too small for me.  I think this is because they may have shrunk in the wash, rather than me eating too much chocolate. As I stood there and caught my breath, I decided that whichever song appeared on the iPod next would be todays randomly shuffled track of the day.   That track was obviously ‘Masquerade’ by The Fall. 

The week after ‘Masquerade’ was released, Mark E Smith, was guest of honour at the 1998 NME Awards (The Brats, as they were called back them, in a joke aimed at mocking The Brits, a joke which got less funny every year), as they had decided to give him the ‘Godlike Genius Award’.   At that award ceremony Mark E Smith famously had an argument with Jo Wiley live on the TV, which ended with Smith telling her to “Fuck Off”.  Thus justifying the NME’s decision immediately. 

One of the B Side’s to ‘Masquerade’ was a track called ‘Calendar’, which was a collaboration with a lad called Damon Gough, who was at the time, an unknown musician (he later of course became Badly Drawn Boy).  Gough gave Smith a lift home, but only after Smith had promised to record one of his songs – that song then turned into ‘Calendar’ and Gough even played guitar on the track.

Calendar – The Fall (1998, Artful Records)


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  1. JC says:

    The whole period around the release of Masquerade was stupidly shambolic, even more than usual in the weird, wonderful and frightening world of MES.


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