New Band Friday – #10 – VEPS

Ballerina (Norah) – VEPS (2022, Kanine Records)

I think word must be getting out about bands who insist that we spell their name in capitals, because here come another one this week.  Four supremely talented teenagers from Oslo called VEPS, who are possibly the finest thing to come out of Oslo since Ivar Skippervold.

VEPS are another one of those prodigiously young bands who are making music that goes well beyond their tender years.  They formed in 2018 when they were all just 14 years old.  Three of the band could already play musical instruments, and encouraged their friend Maja to play the drums, despite the fact that she had never sat behind or even touched the drums before.  By the age of fifteen they were already writing their own songs.  

In 2020, they signed to the New York based label, Kanine Records and in April 2021, they released their debut EP, ‘Open the Door’ of which the lead track was the excellently spiky ‘Ecstasy’.

Ecstasy – VEPS (2021, Kanine Records)

In the spring of 2022 they released their follow up single, the wonderful ‘Ballerina (Norah)’ which evokes memories of early 90s indie guitar pop.  Its full of brilliant guitar hooks and has a nifty little chorus that hangs around.  It might be an obvious comparison but VEPS sound a lot like Veruca Salt or if you want a more European similarity – Bettie Serveert (more of them soon). 

File under Excellent folks.

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  1. JC says:

    I’ve got to stop dropping by for these New Band Friday things as I end up ordering all sorts of stuff having fallen for the charms of the folk you feature.

    This could well be your best tip yet. File under excellent, indeed. Cheers.


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