The Never Ending Playlist – #43/Scenes Invented by the NME #2

Honey – Swim Deep (2012, Chess Club Records)

One day I will stop randomly mentioning genres that the NME invented and actually do a proper series about them all.  Until then, here’s another one.  B-Town.  So called because all the bands who were lumped in this B-Town bracket were young indie guitar bands (and all of them white with floppy fringes, stripey long sleeved t-shirts and ball crushingly tight jeans of various colours) from Englands second city Birmingham (although I’m willing to bet that some of them were from Coventry, Wolverhampton and even god forbid, Walsall). 

‘Honey’ by Swim Deep, was pretty much B-Town’s finest hour.  A tremendous slice of indie pop whose chorus is the dictionary definition of ‘earworm’.  The sort of song that I know would have been glued to my stereo had it been around when I was 15.  It has that sort of mid nineties jangly Britpop feel to it.  I quite like it, although its not aging that well.

Anyway, by and large B-Town wasn’t very good, and it didn’t last that long, possibly the NME simply forgot about it after one of the bands associated with it called B-Town “the worst nickname for this great city I have ever heard and it makes me cringe every time I hear it”.  Well I’ve mentioned it five times already chap, so I hope you are not reading.

B-Town (sorry!) first started being mentioned in late 2011, which coincided with the emergence of a band called Peace, who the NME adored and shoved on the cover of their paper.  Peace were B-Town’s greatest prospect, despite not actually coming from Birmingham but Worcester, and if the NME had thought it about for more than five minutes they could have come with ‘Worc Rock’.  Which works in so many ways.

This is considered to be Peace’s finest moment.

Wraith – Peace (2013, Columbia Records)

Here are some other bands associated with B-Town (and I promise that is the last time I will ever mention it).

Friend Like You – JAWS (2013, Side One Records) – who might just be the exception to the capital letter rule.

Sign In, Dream On, Drop Out! – Poppy and the Jezebels (2012, Gumball Machine Records)


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  1. JC says:

    B-Town completely passed me by at the time.

    I clicked on the YouTube link to the track by Honey. I actually thought, when it began, that it was another advert that I had to wait to finish before the music kicked in. The contrived look of the boys in the band annoyed me (but probably all down to the fact they were so fresh-face, thin and confident looking), and I did give them a go up until the chorus.

    The thing is, I’d be nearly 50 years old when this came out….I never was the audience.


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