Lost Indie Classics -#7/Scenes Invented by the NME #1

Better Than Before – Midway Still (1991, Roughneck Records)

There was in the early nineties a gaggle of bands who did more touring than they did actual recording.   The bands schlepped their way around the UK in knackered out old vans, adding weight to the rumour that they would play pretty much anywhere for 50p and a few sandwiches.  The one band who for about six weeks who looked like they might break out of that group were Kent’s Midway Still. 

The reason why Midway Still almost broke out is because they knew how to make a pop song.  Albeit a pop song that sounded like it has been recorded in your dads garage with instruments found in a skip.  Oh and the NME, loved them and made their debut record ‘I Won’t Try’ Single of the Week.  Which is by the way, excellent.

I Won’t Try – Midway Still (1991, Roughneck Records)

Then, because this is what the NME did, a scene was invented to lump them and their mates in.  Welcome then to Transitcore.  Yup.  A scene comprising of indie rock bands who tour the UK in transit vans.  Other bands in the Transitcore scene were unsurprisingly Leatherface, Snuff, Mega City Four (more of them later), and the Senseless Things, who actually did break out of the transit and enjoy some minor success before re finding the keys to the transit and getting back in it as their success dried up slightly.

Too Much Kissing – Senseless Things (1990, Decoy Records)

John Peel was also a big fan of Midway Stil and after the release of ‘I Won’t Try’ he invited the band into the studio for a Peel Session.  During that show Peel famously played ‘You Made Me Realise’ by My Bloody Valentine at the wrong speed.  Midway Still inspired by such mavericky brilliance, covered the song as part of the session and stuck the track on the B Side to their next single.

You Made Me Realise – Midway Still (1991, Roughneck Records)

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