The Sunday Shuffle #27

Polymers are Forever – Future of the Left (2012, Remote Control Records)

Today’s randomly shuffled track comes courtesy of the old iPod Classic, which I have now decided to use every day in protest at Apple’s ridiculous decision to stop manufacturing iPods from here on in.  I will aimly wander about with it on display in the hope that Apple head honcho Tim Cook just happens to be on holiday in South Devon and just happens to walk past me, sees the iPod and stops dead in his tracks….

“Oh what I fool, I have been!” he will say, clutching his forehead in despair.  “There I was thinking that only poorly dressed 00’s throwbacks with bad haircuts and awful taste in music still use the iPods.”  He will then recommission them and make me ‘Head of Cool’ at Apple.  Obviously.

As protests go, it’s not very likely to get very far I admit.  Apart from the bit about being ‘Head of Cool’, that much is pretty much a given.  However, I don’t want to think about the day when my iPod Classic gives up the ghost and I won’t be able to replace it, and I will be forced to buy an iPhone, which I don’t want or need. 

If you ask me the iPod is probably one of the most important technological inventions ever.  A device roughly the size of bar of chocolate that is able to hold more than 20,000 different pieces of music and allow you to play them whenever and wherever you want.   That is an incredible thing when you consider that when most of us started listening to music on the go, it generally meant carrying a pencil around with you in case the cassette got chewed up.  The iPod will be sadly missed.

Here’ some more Future of the Left tracks from their excellent album ‘the plot against common sense’.

Sheena Is a T-Shirt Salesman – Future of the Left (2012, Remote Control Records)

Sorry Dad I was Late for the Riots – Future of the Left (2012, Remote Control Records)

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  1. JC says:

    I’m on my sixth i-pod classic, having picked the last two up second hand, rather inexpensively. The hard drive on the latest one has recently gone haywire. It’s a real bugger and I’ve gone for the i-phone SE with a big memory so that the songs can be listened to…..but it’s pretty shit for everything else.


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