Its Monday, Let’s Swear #12

The North – Vintage Crop (2020, Anti Fade Records)

One of the finest records that saw a release in 2020, was the sneering, post punk brilliance of ‘Serve to Serve Again’, the third album from Geelong’s Vintage Crop.  It was a record that almost totally passed me by, and definitely would have done if it wasn’t for the current king of indie, Steve Lamacq and a one hour wait at Plymouth Train Station.

I’d been in Plymouth for work reasons and had finished early so I though I’d grab an early train but having got to the train station, I found all the trains delayed for an hour.  So I sat on a bench, pulled out my phone and clicked on a podcast that I’d been meaning to listen to for a while.   In that podcast Steve Lamacq was playing some of his favourite records from the last year, that being 2020 of course.  One of these was ‘Serve to Serve Again’ by Vintage Crop.    If you have not heard it, please remedy that as soon as you can, because you are missing out.

Vintage Crop’s sound darts between an early garage rock sound with that post punk art school edge. It sounds like the Buzzcocks, and that is a very good thing indeed.  It sounds like a record that should have been recorded in 1978 using second hand instruments and its brilliant because of it. The second single from it was ‘The North’, which is everything that modern day punk rock trying to sound like it from 1978 should be, repetitive, catchy, spiky and contains enough swearing to make your father stuff a hankie into his ears.

All sorts of bloody brilliant.

Here’s the other two singles from it – but just buy/stream the album, yeah, you won’t regret it.

The Ladder – Vintage Crop (2020, Anti Fade Records)

Gridlock – Vintage Crop (2020, Anti Fades Records)

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  1. JC says:

    Duly noted…..will devote some future time to listening.


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