New Band Friday – #9 – ME REX

Skin, It Itches – ME REX (2022, Big Scary Monsters Records)

As bold statements go, releasing a 52 track musical project with no tracklisting, no fixed start or end point and that is designed to be listened to on shuffle mode so that it never sounds the same however many times you listen to it, is up there with the boldest. 

You could also say that naming all your releases after a type of dinosaur or a prehistoric beast is another bold statement.  I mean doing one of these things would be impressive, but no band would be daft enough to try both would they…?

Welcome to the world of dinosaur obsessed South London electro indie pop band ME REX.  Where bold statements appear to be two a penny.  They also insist on having their name typed in capitals.  Which as we know by now, automatically makes them geniuses and elevates them immediately to the very good indeed section. 

In April the band released a new EP – called, naturally, ‘Pterodactyl’ which is a more conventional type of release, in that it actually has a tracklisting.  ‘Skin It Itches’ is the pick of the bunch as it sees the band employ not only synths but a drum machine and throws in a chorus that you will be humming for days on end.  It’s excellent.  As is the lead track, ‘Never Graduate’ which has an almost emo sound to it

Never Graduate – ME REX (2022, Big Scary Monsters)

You can check out the 52 track choose your own adventure style album ‘Megabear’ on the bands website.

Prior to ‘Pterodactyl’ was a double EP called wait for it ‘Triceratops/Stegosaurus’ – the lead track from that was called ‘Rites’ and that is a huge thumping erm, beast, of a track.

Rites – ME REX (2020, Big Scary Monsters Records)

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