The Sunday Shuffle #23

Bootcut Jimmy the G – Hooton Tennis Club (2016, Heavenly Records)

Ah…the Windows update…My computer greeted me this morning with that cheery ‘running updates’ message followed by one that said “this may take some time” so I decided that whichever song was playing on Alexa at the exact moment the computer restarted would be todays randomly shuffled track.   One hour and 14 minutes later I found out…

It was ‘Bootcut Jimmy the G’ the second single from the second album, by Hooton Tennis Club.  Hooton Tennis Club were a four piece from, you’ve guessed it, Hooton, a small suburb of the Wirral.  Musically, they sound in some way like Parquet Courts and Pavement, all slacker indie pop songs about love and loss which are told in a bittersweet reflective manner.  They make record full of characters and references to the area where they grew up and the people they encountered there, if you need further evidence, the first single from the second album was ‘Katy Ann Bellis’.  A song all about the guitarists former flatmate who moved out and never returned to visit him.  A third song is dedicated to Lauren Laverne, or rather her radio show.

Katy Ann Bellis – Hooton Tennis Club (2016, Heavenly Records)

Lauren, I’m In Love – Hooton Tennis Club (2016, Heavenly Records)

All of which are rather excellent as it happens.  The band currently describe their status as being on an indefinite hiatus, which seems a bit of a shame.

Hooton Tennis Club are not the only band to feature Hooton in their name.  In the early nineties there was an excellent punk band, called Hooton 3 Car of which this nifty little 7” has been nestling in my small red box of records since the mid-nineties. 

Drone – Hooton 3 Car (1995, Out of Step Records)

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