Major League Music #2 – Cleveland Guardians

About five years ago I found myself in an airport bar in Charlotte with a four hour wait for a flight to London, my iPod had just given me the apple logo of doom and I was very bored.

I ordered a huge plate of Nachos, and turned my attention to the ball game that was on the screen behind me. Cleveland vs Kansas. Cleveland won and in doing so, set a new divisional record of 21 straight wins. Which, apparently is the second longest winning run in the history of baseball.

Last week, my team, Kansas, lost 17 – 3 to the Cleveland Guardians, which if you want a comparison in football, is likely losing 8 -1 or something. It’s a mauling, a trouncing, a thrashing. We are three games into an 162 game season, its going to be a long season.

Probably the biggest musical act to have come out of Cleveland in recent years are Nine Inch Nails, a band who somehow, incredibly have just announced a two night residency at Cornwall’s Eden Session. I’m not sure the tumeric latte drinkers of St Austell are going to be quite ready for that, there were significant questions asked in the newspaper when Asian Dub Foundation played there ten years ago.

Nine Inch Nails – Head Like A Hole (1989, TVT Records)

In 1994, Richard Patrick left Nine Inch Nails to form his own band, who were called Filter. In 1995, they had some relative success with their single ‘Hey Man, Nice Shot’

Filter – hey Man, Nice Shot (1995, Reprise Records)

But its not all shouty angry industrial post grunge rock in Cleveland. Hell, no indie rock is alive and kicking there. One of the finest acts to emerge from Cleveland in recent years are Cloud Nothing, who in 2017 released an excellent album called ‘Life Without Sound’ which followed another excellent record ‘Attack On Memory’ I recommend them.

Cloud Nothings – Modern Act (2017, Wichita Records)

Finally, each week as part of this series I’m also going to post something by a band from the featured city that I have never heard before….this week is the Venus Flytraps, who are apparently an unapologetic garage rock band who sound like The Cramps. I think we’ll be the judge of that….

Their SoundCloud page is here

Next week…St Louis…..

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  1. JC says:

    Cleveland (like Cincinnati and Pittsburgh) has always struck me as a hard-working, hard-living blue-collar type of city in which the love of Bruce Springsteen, ZZ Top, Guns n Roses, etc. was compulsory and in which no indie-scene could possibly thrive. Cheers for the education.


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