Lost Indie Classics – #1

Sunshine Smile – Adorable (1992, Creation Records)

I went to a gig the other night (more about that next week).  It was in a brewery that is masquerading as a pub.  It was a bit hipster-ish, lots of ironic socks on display.  Anyway, about ten minutes after the band had finished their excellent set a DJ started to thrown down a few tunes to a relatively packed dancefloor. 

The second song that she played was ‘Sunshine Smile’ by long lost indie poppers Adorable. Three things immediately came to my mind, well four actually, the fourth was that I couldn’t believe that my mate was drinking coffee flavoured stout (that sort of pub I suppose).  The first thing was that I hadn’t heard ‘Sunshine Smile’ played an indie disco since about 1992 and even then it would have been early on in the evening.

I don’t dance, I’ve said this before, when I dance, it’s bit like Kermit the Frog in a blender.  All arms and legs and a bit messy.  But the second thing that struck me was that I sort of wanted to dance to this record.  It’s a tremendous single, easily the best thing that Adorable ever did and when I finally compiled my Top 30 of the best tracks released by Creation Records, ‘Sunshine Smile’ could very easily find itself in the Top Five.  Yup that good.

The third thing that I thought was that there is a series in this….a series dedicated to what I am calling ‘Lost Indie Classics’, only they are not because most of them can be found on decent Streaming sites and are available to buy via your usual download wagon.  I suppose that they are more simply a bunch of tracks that we don’t hear anywhere near as much as we should anymore.

As this idea swam around my head, I stood and waited to see what the DJ would play next, maybe this evening would be full of Lost Indie Classics, maybe we will be treated to the debut single by long lost Brmingham pop punkers Angel Cage or perhaps a blast of avantgarde indie pop from Minxus?

Ever Since Forever – Minxus (1995, Too Pure Records)

But no, we didn’t get any of that we got Bob Dylan and to make matters worse, a really ugly bloke with a terrible beard and a beatnik style hat smooched seductively with his girlfriend right in front of me for most of its entire six bloody minutes.

Like A Rolling Stone – Bob Dylan (1965, Columbia Records)