Lost Indie Classics #3

Your dad, yesterday

Come Taste My Mind – Earl Brutus (1998, Fruition Records)

‘Come Taste My Mind’ was the biggest hit that Earl Brutus ever had, and I say hit, it peaked at Number 88 in the charts, but it should have done miles better.  It’s a rollicking four minutes or so of music, heavily influenced by glam rock, Kraftwerk and the glorious noise of The Fall.  In Nick Sanderson, Earl Brutus, in fact, almost had a London version of Mark E Smith, he was slightly grumpy and had a face and voice that was creased and showed the strains of a weary old life.

‘Come Taste My Mind’ was the bands second single from their second album ‘Tonight, You Are the Special One’.  The first single, which peaked at Number 136 is also a tremendous slab of indie glam rock.

The SAS and the Glam that Goes With It – Earl Brutus (1998, Fruition Records)

When Earl Brutus failed to gain any real success, Nick Sanderson, retired from music to become a train driver.   Which is just a marvellously brilliant change of career.   Sadly, Nick Sanderson died from lung cancer in 2008.

Whilst, Earl Brutus, may not have had the success that they clearly deserved, they did help settle a long standing argument between my brother and I.  The argument revolved around whether or not ‘Boxerbeat’ by Jo Boxers reached Number One in the charts or not. I said it did not, my brother, said it did, it was often an argument that ended with me getting a dead arm and me, then, agreeing with my brother.  My brother owned ‘Boxerbeat’ on 7 inch and for a time, I think it was probably his favourite record.  He certainly played it a lot.  Easy to see why, it’s a stompingly great record.

Boxerbeat – JoBoxers (1983, RCA Records)

The argument raged for a good few years, it was of course before the time of the Internet and we didn’t have to hand a Guinness Book of Hit Singles to check.   In 1996, I interviewed Earl Brutus in the very smoky back room of a London venue (I think it might have been the LA2) and before I went into the interview, I sat in a café around the corner cradling a doughnut and a can of Coke and read the press releases about a band, I’ll be honest I knew very little about.  One line stood out.

Earl Brutus were formed in 1993 by Nick Sanderson, Rob Marche (formerly of JoBoxers and If?), Jamie Fry (formerly of World of Twist) and Stuart Boreman”.

Well, that’s handy I thought to myself and hastily scrawled a tenth question on to the list I had put together.

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