New Band Friday – #7 SPRINTS

Little Fix – SPRINTS (2022, Nice Swan Recordings)

There is something rather intriguing about SPRINTS.  Firstly, like all good bands do, they insist in having their name in capitals, something which might materialise on these pages as a series in the near future.  Secondly they are part of a growing crop of amazing bands that have come out of Dublin in the last year or so hot on the heels of Fontaines D.C and lasty and most importantly, it is surely only a matter of time before SPRINTS become megastars.  SPRINTS just feel slightly different.

Their songs are delivered at breakneck speed, a lot of them refuse to stretch out beyond the three minute mark, but remain short, snappy blasts of garage rock.  In a way, and this is slightly lazy of me, they remind me of the early Vaccines singles, only with a female singer, obviously. 

‘Little Fix’ is the latest track to get a lot of attention and it is taken from their forthcoming ‘A Modern Job EP’.  I’m not sure how many singles have come before it – but there are a number of self released MP3 to be found on their Bandcamp page.  Its excellent in a frantic slightly different post punk way.

Of course, you can’t be a band these days without having at least one track that resorts to a conversational delivery from the singer, but SPRINTS, even do that slightly differently with singer Karla Chubb kind of half shouting/half screaming  her way through some of these tracks, especially on the essential ‘How Does the Story Go?’

How Does The Story Go? – SPRINTS (2022, New Swan Recordings)

SPRINTS are the sort of band you want to see sooner rather than later.  Do that and you will get joyous feeling of a seeing a band destined for big things playing in a venue way too small for them

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  1. JC says:

    ‘How Does The Story Go?’ could soundtrack how 2022 is panning out for me thus far…….

    The semi-spoken vocal, in the Dublin accent, instantly reminded me of ‘Endless Art’ by A House.


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