Answering Rocks Unanswered Questions – #1

Would You Rather Be Lonely? –  Red Rum Club (2019, Matador Records)

It was of course my daughter who gave me the idea for this series.  A series that in all honesty, I haven’t really thought through.  During our second ‘Kids, Eh’ experiment, we reviewed ‘How Did This Happen?’ by Bodega, and at the end of it, she remarked that we still know what ‘This’ was and how it happened.   Which got me thinking, its about time someone answered rock’s unanswered questions and that someone may as well be me. 

The first question I going to answer was the one posed in 2019 by Liverpool’s Red Rum Club, “Would You Rather Be Lonely?” and to answer it I’ll take you back to 2017 and a noisy minibus in hot and dusty airport concourse.

In 2017, I had to fly to Tbilisi for a work thing and when I booked my flights, everyone else who was involved in this project, said ‘Don’t go via Istanbul’, even though flights to Istanbul were cheaper, quicker and had far less stop over times (still two hours though).  So I ignored them and went via Istanbul.  To catch my connecting flight to Istanbul I had to get to another part of the airport and this mean getting on a minibus, there was one seat left on this bus.

It was next to a toothless chap who stank of cigarettes, stale urine and cooking oil. I was on the bus for about thirty minutes (it was a six minute drive) and for about 27 of those minutes, ‘Toothy’ cackled away to himself (he may well have been listening to a Ricky Gervais Podcast).

The temperature inside the minibus was roughly the same as the Centre of the Earth and it was as noisy as standing next to the speakers at a Megadeth (or insert your own ridiculously heavy band here) concert.  Right there as the minibus sat on the tarmac and waited for Lord knows what, I would have given anything to be the only person in the minibus.  

Lonely Boy – The Black Keys (2011, Nonesuch Records)

But, I’m a selfish moron obviously, with my first world problems, sat in a minibus 3000 miles from home on expenses, moaning about being slightly hot. Because loneliness sucks.  The truth was I missed my family, I missed my home comforts and I was really tired and miserable.  Which made me awfully rude to those poor people who had to share the minibus with me, huffing and puffing in a relatively comfortable seat next to the window, which I didn’t even open despite it being stupidly hot.

I’ve never been lonely, not really, I’ve been temporarily alone, I’ve been stranded in strange places (I was once stuck in Lewisham for ten minutes, it was horrifying)  not knowing a single person but I’ve always coped or found my way to a bus stop or a kind person has taken pity on me and pointed me in the right direction.  There are thousands of people who every single day, wake up and don’t see a soul for the rest of the day, sometimes weeks can pass.  The highlight of their day can be a knock on the door from the postman or a brief chat with someone at the shop. 

So, let’s answer the question –  No, Red Rum Club I would not rather be lonely.

Miss Lonely Hearts – The Pink Diamond Revue (Rude Audio’s Lonely Surfer Remix) (2020, Acid Dol Records)

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  1. JC says:

    I don’t know any of these songs, and if you don’t mind, I’m not going to check them out. The writing alone makes the visit very worthwhile. Beautiful and poignant.


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