The Ramshackle Brilliance of the Chart Show Indie Chart – #4

This week is a (unknown) week in April 1993

Now I wanted this to be a little story about Silverfish.  The shouty punk rock act but Songwhip appears to have very little of their music. It certainly doesn’t have the record that sat at number six in this weeks indie chart which was ‘Damn Fine Woman’ from their Damn Fine EP.  So instead let’s have something from their debut album ‘Fat Axl’ and then we can continue regardless…

Pink n Lovely – Silverfish (1993, Wiija Records, Taken from ‘Fat Axl’)

There was it has to be said nothing pink and lovely about Silverfish and I dare say that frontwoman Lesley Rankine would have booted you in the face had you said she was…..

In April 1993 I was persuaded to go and see Silverfish in London. I didn’t want to go really, I wasn’t really a fan of the band, but most of my mates were going so I tagged along.

The venue was a place called The Dome in Tufnall Park and going to the gig was a huge mistake on the grounds that it was utter carnage.  About three songs in, I was squashed up against a pillar desperately clutching what was left of my sanity, I had already taken boot to the stomach from a Size 9 Doc Marten which was coming down from a crowd surf and it was getting more and more violent with each song..  A couple of my mates were somewhere down the front, clambering on each others shoulders, half an hour later one of them would emerge with a nosebleed and a huge grin on his face.   I eventually retreated to somewhere near the back looking lost and wondered  whether or not I could make last orders at my local if I left in the next ten minutes.

Also in the chart this week….

Something very different from the craziness of Silverfish at number 9 – a non mover apparently was

Quoth – Polygon Window (1993, Warp Records)

Polygon Window is for those of you who don’t know the Aphex Twin in a more expansive mood.  ‘Quoth’ is a stunning record, one that I had forgotten about as it happens.   Richard James claims that he wrote ‘most’ of ‘Quoth’ when he was 14 – to drown out the sounds of the “bloody awful” Jesus and Mary Chain Records being played by his sister (which probably means that his sister was listening to ‘Psychocandy’).  That wasn’t the fact on the Chart Show by the way.

At five is the greatest record that Doves ever made.  Yes it is and you know it is too.

Ain’t No Love (Ain’t No Doubt) – Sub Sub (1993, Rob’s Records)

Going down the chart at number four is a record that can probably be described as squatrock’s finest hour.

Teenage Turtles – Back to the Planet (1993, Parallel Records)

And the two records that the programme played were : –

Beautiful Son – Hole (1993, City Slang Records) but for some reason Songwhip doesn’t have this so let’s have the best thing that Hole ever recorded instead

Doll Parts – Hole (1994, Geffen Records)

and at Number One

Gepetto – Belly (1993, 4AD Records)

Both are excellent obviously

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  1. JTFL says:

    Some Belly songs have aged pretty well. A lot of bands sound like them now.


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