New Band Friday #3

Terrified – Penelope Isles (2021, Bella Union Records)

I’ll just remind you that this series is about celebrating bands/acts that are new to me. They could have released 27 albums for all I care, and I don’t care if you heard them first. Good.

Right…Penelope Isles are basically the brainchild of brother and sister Jack and Lily Wolter who moved to Brighton from the rock and roll mecca that is The Isle of Man. They make a kind of hazily, hypnotic kind of fuzzy guitar noise and are really rather excellent. ‘Terrified’ is the opening track of their just released second album ‘Which Way To Happy’ – which by the way might just be the album that we all forgot to include on our end of year run downs. The songs are tremendous, one minute you get walls of sounds crashing through your speakers and then it will all fade away into sweet pop melodies. Kind of like drinking gin laced with milk, it shouldn’t work but it really does.

Miss Moon – Penelope Isles (2021, Bella Union Records)

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