In Praise of the Band TShirt #3

Happy Busman – The Frank and Walters (1992, Go DIscs! Records, Taken from ‘Trains, Boats and Planes’)

I’m on a beach in Bermuda. I have been there a week, Bermuda, not the beach, this is my second weekend here. I have spent the morning feeding giant turtles and eating tremendous nachos in a small bar surrounded by Spaniards who are still, a week on, drunk, and celebrating their World Cup win.

In the afternoon I take a walk along a beach, its deserted once you get about fifty metres from the beach bar, I see no one for about an hour. I just walk, idly kicking sand about and enjoying my solitude. I probably have the iPod for company but I genuinely can’t remember what was playing so lets pretend it was this, although it definitely wasn’t. I see a couple walking towards me, hand in hand, they are undoubtedly English holidaymakers, as the lady is carrying a Waitrose carrier bag.

Another stand out tell tale sign that they are English is that the bloke is wearing a Frank and Walters T Shirt. This is the first Frank and Walters T Shirt I have seen in about fifteen years. What’s even more astonishing is that it is identical to one I had about 20 years earlier. I got mine for Christmas in 1991 and wore it one evening when my uncle was in town. He and my dad got pissed on whiskey and my uncle asked me about ten times, who Frank and Walter were, finding it funnier every time he asked.

This TShirt was blue and orange and on the back it read “Jonathan and Eko’, in homage to the DJs who hosted the legendary ‘Feet First’ club night in Camden many years ago. Anyone who went to a gig anywhere in London would be given a Feet First flyer the second they left the gig. You knew a band had made it, if their name featured on the ‘Now Playing….’ bit of those flyers.

I went to ‘Feet First’ a couple of times, the first time I went Credit to the Nation played (about a week before ‘Call It What You Want’ was released).

Call It What You Want – Credit to the Nation (1993, One Little Indian Records)

The second time was a very secret Suede gig to promote the release of ‘Stay Together’. So secret in fact that the queue to get into Feet First that night stretched back along Camden High Road so far that you had to walk to Chalk Farm to join the end of it.

Stay Together – Suede (1994, Nude Records)

‘Happy Busman’ was the second EP released by the Frank and Walters, it troubled the lower regions of the Uk Top 50. There were three other tracks on it. Songwhip has two of them.

Humphrey – Frank and Walters (1992, Go! Discs Records)

The World Carries On – Frank and Walters (1992, Go! Discs Records)

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  1. JC says:

    The Frank & Walters were a big part of my life back in the day….really loved everything about them. I’ve still got a t-shirt of theirs…’s at least three sizes too small for me these days.

    Always asociate them with Carter USM, and thinking about it….I likely had the build back then of Fruitbat back then, whereas I am very much Jon the Beast (RIP) these days. And some.


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