The Best Stuff I Have Heard This Year #1

The current Lord of Indie

Most of the new music that I have heard this year has come from the Steve Lamacq Recommends show on Six Music. So I’m afraid that this week will be terribly unoriginal.

I’m also not doing countdowns on this blog. It doesn’t matter which is best or not quite as good as the other thing. So this is a run through, in no order at all, of some of the music that I have heard this year that I have loved or just liked quite a lot. I am not promising that it all came out this year either.

When I hear a track that I like I tend to write it down in the back of an exercise book that I was given on a work training course about two years ago. So all the tracks you read about from here having been lovingly scrawled in that book. Let’s start here….

1. Feels So Real – The Clockworks (single, 2021, It’s Creation Baby Records)

A rattlingly great single all about the nightlife of an unknown bit of London. Its wonderfully poetic as it talks about shopping trolleys being thrown in the river and the general urban decay that surrounds the band.

2. Runner Up – TV Priest (single, 2020, Hand In Hive Records)

Another rattlingly good single, this one sort of play homage to the line that Jim Bowen used to say at the end of weirdly popular darts based quiz show ‘Bullseye’. According to the band ‘Runner Up is about protestant work ethic, catholic guilt, games shows and not dancing at Christmas parties. I mean, what’s not to like about that.

3. What The Kids Want – Chay Snowdon (single, 2020)

Chay Snowdon are being likened to Muse, largely because they are from Devon (they are from Plymouth) and used the same producer as them for this riotous blast of high tempo excellence. That folks is where the similarities stop as this is pure garage rock, with added samples and a chorus so catchy that they are giving out vaccines at the local leisure centre to remove it from playing over and over in your head.

4. Let’s Dance to the Real Thing – Stone (single, 2021)

Stone are one of a wave of Liverpool bands that emerged just before Lockdown 1 ready to conquer the world. Only for that inevitable world domination to be delayed by you know what. ‘Lets Dance to the Real Thing’ is a massive bundle of fun, and sounds like the musical equivalent of four 8 year olds who have eaten too many flying saucers.

and today’s Christmas track is (shuffles random Christmas list…..)

Oooh tasty.

Christmas Will Break Your Heart – LCD Soundsystem

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  1. JC says:

    You’ve long been my barometer, so here goes.

    The Clockworks – first reaction was that it sounded like Marion, which is no bad thing. But by the time the vocals kicked in and then the chorus, I realised I was way out. Can’t quite put figure on who they remind me of most. Not ground breaking, but enjoyable enough.

    TV Priest – this year’s new angry young men? Very enjoyable. One for the indie kids and rock headbangers alike.

    Chay Snowden – This is telling me I’m not a kid (which, strictly speaking, is accurate)

    Stone – “the musical equivalent of four 8 year olds who have eaten too many flying saucers”. Great description. And the sort of band who come around every five years or so and convince many 14-18 year old that they are the greatest thing ever…which to be fair is not a bad thing. But I don’t think an endorsement from a near 60-something is what they are really after.


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