The Sunday Shuffle #5

yup that’s shit

Grim Receiver – Shit Robot (2010, DFA Records, Taken from ‘From the Cradle to the Rave’)

Shit Robot are the work of a DJ called Marcus Lambkin and not the name of latest house robot in Robot Wars, sadly. BBC writers if you are reading, that could be brilliant, make a super strong robot that is indestructible and after it immobilises the rubbish robots made by teenagers with no friends and dads who have waaay to much time on their hands, it climbs on to the still sparking corpse of a robot and does a shit on it. Make it happen BBC.

Anyway, Shit Robot, the band, are signed to DFA Records, and therefore must be excellent. They (he?) make a tremendous mixture of old school house music beefed up with heavy old beats – and on this occasion some nifty vocals- provide Juan MacLean (who are also signed to DFA Records and therefore you must also check out for being excellent).

Now next week as its Christmas (sort of) we are going to have a week of The Best Stuff I’ve Heard This Year. That might of course mean old records that I have only just discovered this year – or you know – some new music. Oh and the odd Christmas song.

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