The Never Ending Playlist Week #2

Example of the wrong way to put a CD into a case

10. How You Satisfy Me – Spectrum (1991, Sivertone Records, Taken from ‘Soul Kiss (Glide Divine)

OK – I’ve not discussed this on here, so for uninitiated, a quick music history lesson. Spacemen 3 in the late eighties and early nineties were one of most musically creative and influential acts around. Then around 1990 it all started to go wrong. The bands final album ‘Recurring’ (and if you hang around you might read about how great that record is at some point) saw the record split into two halves, one of half written and recorded by Jason Pierce, the other by Pete Kember also known as Sonic Boom. Then the band split, war was declared and those guys don’t talk anymore. There is as far as I can tell zero chance of there ever being a reunion, in fact zero might be slightly too high a percentage.

Jason Pierce went away and formed Spiritualized and generally its got to be said, won the war. Sonic Boom on the other hand formed Spectrum and frankly should have won the war. Certainly if Spectrum’s debut single ‘How You Satisfy Me’ was anything to go by.

‘How You Satisfy Me’ is a pretty simple track. One catchy psychedelically fuzzy organ riff looped over a catchy chorus and a perfect guitar hook and repeated to the end, but it works so well. It is just as brilliant and just as instantly memorable as anything recorded by Spacemen 3 or Spiritualized for that matter.

Sonic Boom instead of churning out more garage rock brilliance went off and made some very experimental noise records, under the E.A.R moniker (Experimental Audio Research) but he does occasionally return with some proper tunes.

Angels (extended Mix) – Sonic Boom (2004, Space Age Recordings, Taken from ‘Refractions’)

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