The Never Ending Playlist Week #2

7. Pyramids – Frank Ocean (2012, Def Jam Recordings, Taken from ‘Channel Orange’)

For a song that is basically about a pimp falling in love with one of his clients, this is kind of epic. ‘Pyramids’ is a 10 minute event rather than just a song. By event I mean you sort of get three songs in one, although they are joined together by hazy interludes. Part One is the best bit, all synths and heavy old beats which revolve around Ocean’s voice, which tells a tale of the pimp chasing his girl ‘Cleopatra’ who works at a club called ‘The Pyramid’. Its pretty cool.

After about five minutes the music and the beats drop off a bit and we are ushered into Part Two, which altogether calmer and the music more hypnotic, as Ocean continues to tell us the story of Cleopatra and the pimp, who surprisingly isn’t a very nice chap at all. Musically, its still tremendous fun though.

By the end, the twist is revealed, the pimp is forced to turn into a customer in order to be with Cleopatra. Its an odd tale to be fair, but one that highlights Oceans voice and set the scene for his second album, the highly acclaimed ‘Channel Orange’

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