Five Days of Songs Found on a USB #4

Sick On My Heart – Nai Harvest (2015, Topshelf Records, Single)

Yesterday we had post disco, today we have emo. Emo was according to my favourite encyclopaedia was rock music that emphasised emotional expression, quite often through its lyrics. Glad we sorted that out. Which brings us to Nai Harvest. They are according to the same encyclopaedia are an emo band from Sheffield. Or they were, they split in 2016.

Fundamentally they were the work of two chaps, Lew, who played drums, I said played, he pounded the drums (which was the less successful follow up to the Stone Roses, anthem ‘She Bangs The Drums’), and Ben, who sang and played the guitar, I said played, it sounds like most of his effects pedals are mashed to bits. Musically, Nai Harvest could snuggle into the small gap between Royal Blood and Japandroids. So not really emo, but quite good if good means sprawling guitars and driving drums and choruses that sound like every decent record on Sub Pop released in the nineties.

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