The Never Ending Playlist Week #1


5. Brace Yourself – Les Savy Fav (2007, Frenchkiss Records, Taken from ‘Let’s Stay Friends’)

Les Savy Fav are an art punk band (whose roots are clearly and very much rooted in indie pop) from New York. They are an engaging live act, with much attention drawn to the onstage presence of singer Tim Harrington – he is the one at the front with the beard, and the frankly amazing shirt if you hadn’t guessed.

Art punk. We had sludge punk the other day. I’m just wondering how many more types of punk there can be. Quite a few I suspect. I’ve got an old Glockenspiel at home – its out of tune and I can’t play it, but if I bash it hard enough and shout in an indeterminate way about ‘the system’ I will have probably invented Glockenspiel Punk.

‘Brace Yourself’ is probably the most accessible track (well maybe ‘Patty Lee’) from the band, which is far closer to their indie roots than their punk roots. Tim Harrington put this radical change in sound down to a new formed friendship with Kele Okereke of Bloc Party.

Patty Lee – Les Savy Fav (2007, Frenchkiss Records Taken from ‘Let’s Stay Friends’)

The Never Ending Playlist will be back in A Week’s Time – no its not ending before you clever bastards at the back think that.

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