Randomly Shuffled Songs #5

Last Year – Best Coast (2012, Mexican Summer Records, Taken from ‘The Only Place’)

Best Coast are a two piece from Los Angeles comprising of Bethany Consentino (vocals, guitars) and Bob Bruno (everything else). When their first album emerged in 2010 their music was kind of lo-fi, with vocals hidden behind fuzzy guitars and mountains of reverb. The press loved it and the band were quickly hailed as musical geniuses.

‘Last Year’ is taken from the second album, the much less lo-fi ‘The Only Place’ an album which is all summery and pretty much an advert for the state of California (you see that bear up top its cuddling a map of California). It is heavily inspired by 60s country records and Fleetwood Mac, which I agree, makes it sound ghastly.

Thankfully, whilst it was influenced by Fleetwood Mac and Loretta Lynn, it sounds nothing like either of them. Its very jangly, very upbeat and by dropping the reverb and upping the vocals it made the vocals of Consentino come into their own.

The Only Place – Best Coast (2012, Mexican Summer Records, taken from ‘The Only Place’)

Tomorrow we will have something slightly different.

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