Post Number One

Not Phil Collins.

Hello. This is a blog about music and not, badgers. If you are looking for a blog about the removal of badgers, you are in the wrong place. You are also a bastard because badgers are brilliant. Apart from when they jump out of hedges and growl at you for waking them up, then they are vicious snarling beasties from the bowels of Hell itself. Possibly. They are still cooler than you and I though.

Anyway, welcome. Feel free to say hi in the comments below.

The plan is to try and post at least one song a day. Sometimes those songs will be part of a series, like this one for instance…

Cheer It On – Tokyo Police Club

Which is the first entry in the series called “Bands who have a city in their name”.

Sometimes the song won’t form part of any series, its just been posted because it came up randomly on my iPod. For the next week at least, until I work out how to do this properly, all posted songs will be courtesy of a random shuffle. Sometimes, they will be great, like the one below, in fact and its possible that on occasion they might be rubbish, and possibly even the actual band, Garbage.

True Adventures – Sea Power

A little word about the music. It will be available for a week or so and then the links will be removed. If you like what you hear, download the artists music, or stream it on one of those streaming services that we all use so the band get paid. Thank You.


  1. JC says:

    Welcome back!!!!

    Good couple of songs to open up with……


  2. Khayem says:

    Welcome back, SWC, looking forward to choking on my crumpets and spluttering my Lapsang Souchong* over your daily missives. Is the mention of rubbish songs an implicit hint that we can look forward to Ned’s Atomic Dustbin, Trashcan Sinatras, nay, even Dumpy’s Rusty Nuts?! I’ll be reading with interest.

    * you know it’s really Lidl own brand porridge and instant coffee, don’t you…?


  3. Chris Eurotrash says:

    Badgers ARE cool! …and it’s good to have you back – but please no Dumpy’s Rusty Nuts eh?


  4. GJ says:

    Thanks SWC, nice to have another daily site to visit. I look forward to reading about your memories, insights, and what-not about the songs and artists you feature.
    One minor suggestion, any chance your links could open a new window? At times I’ll re-read the post while the song is playing. Of course I can ‘right-click’ and open in new window, but I am old and forgetful and already finding myself finishing the song and closing the window and realizing that I need to re-open NBR.


  5. thegreatgog says:

    Glad to see you’ve got the blogging bug back. I’ve always enjoyed your writing and musical choices (well, most of the musical choices!). I’m sure I’ll be chipping in with the occasional comment as and when.


  6. JTFL says:

    Never met a badger I didn’t like. Especially the one that only ate bread and jam. Welcome back, SWC.


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